Alloy Wheel Change

If you need top quality alloy wheel refurbishment Bromley, call AT Launder Coachworks. We offer complete wheel refurbishing to restore your rims to like-new condition.

We offer the complete alloy wheel refurbishment with our car servicing in Bromley.

First, we will remove the tyres, then we will dip the wheel in a special solution that will strip it of all paint and other contaminates.

Next, we will treat the alloy, coat it and re-powder it in line with the exact, original colour.

Finally, we will re-fit each tyre and rebalance them so that your vehicle performs precisely as it should when it is on the road.

As your local alloy wheel refurbishment service in Bromley, we are an insurance-approved company to assist with claims. We also provide alloy wheel repair and dent removal services.

Claiming on your insurance?

Our car body repair in Orpington – AT Launder Coachworks in Bromley is an insurance-approved company, so we can help simplify each stage of the claims process. You may also be able to benefit from our bumper repair and dent removal services as part of your claim, if necessary. You can be assured of our help at all times.

Our quotations are always free, and come without any obligation

alloy wheel refurbishment in kentEngage with our services and you will receive a free and detailed estimate from us outlining any work that is required in detail, including both parts and labour, plus access to a courtesy car if required. We can even collect your car from your home or work address, and deliver it back to you once the work is complete.

All of our alloy wheel refurbishment Bromley work is guaranteed for six years for that extra little bit of peace-of-mind. If you need alloy wheel refurbishment services or car servicing in Bromley, then please get in touch with us on .

Why Choose Us for Alloy Wheel Refurbishment?

When it comes to restoring your alloy wheels, you want a company that can get them looking like new again. Here is why you should choose our alloy wheel refurbishment services:

Advanced Tools and Techniques

We utilise the latest in wheel repair tools and technology to expertly restore your rims. Our technicians are highly trained to perform precision repairs.

Scratch Removal

We can remove unsightly scratches and scuffs from your alloy wheels, no matter how deep. Our multi-stage refurbishment process will have them shining like new.

Curve Straightening

Even severely bent and warped wheels can be straightened and trued using our advanced wheel straightening machines.

Corrosion Removal

We thoroughly clean away any corrosion and refinish the wheel to protect from future peeling, pitting or corrosion.

Color Matching

We offer powder coating in any OEM or custom color to perfectly match the existing finish on your other wheels.

Curb Rash Repair

Damage from scraping against curbs can be seamlessly repaired and blended. You’d never know it was there.

Structural Repairs

Cracks, fractures or other structural damage can be identified and repaired for safe operation.

Convenient Local Service

As a mobile alloy wheel refurbishment service, we come to you for repairs at your home or office for extra convenience.

Affordable Pricing

Our prices beat out local dealerships and repair shops with no compromise on quality. Get restored wheels at a fair price.

Trust us for affordable, hassle-free alloy wheel refurbishment that leaves your wheels smooth, structurally sound and looking brand new!

For the best alloy wheel refurbishments in South East London, get in touch today