Need bumper repairs Bromley?

AT Launder Coachworks can help! As your local bumper repair specialist, we fix all types of bumper damage on any make or model.

bumper repair kentBumpers are designed of course to protect your vehicle from major damage. But they still get damaged themselves! If you have had a ‘bit of bump’ or if you require car paint repair then there’s no need to concern yourself – just bring your vehicle into AT Launder Coachworks of Bromley, and we will have you sorted out and back on the road in no time at all. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised by our competitive prices!

We provide top bumper repair London and beyond from our convenient Bromley location. AT Launder Coachworks are based in Bromley, and we are very easy to get to, located on Hayes Lane. If you need a bump sorting out, then we can supply you with a free, no-obligation quotation. Just call us up on or contact us via our contact form here

The best services for bumper repair

Our expert car bumper repair technicians can reshape metal damaged by scrapes and dents and respray the area for invisible repairs. For minor dents, our bumper repair service also offers affordable paintless dent removal.

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Say goodbye to dents with our expert panel-beating services

dent removal kentIf you have been involved in a collision that’s left your vehicle with a nasty-looking scrape or dent, then we can most definitely help. Our top-class panel beating services will carefully and skilfully re-shape the metal back to looking how it is supposed to look. We will then re-spray the damaged area so you’d never be able to tell there was a dent or scrape there in the first place.

Trust AT Launder Coachworks for quality bumper repairs Bromley. Get obligation-free estimates from our experienced engineers for car repairs in Orpington. Call us at for the best bumper repair London in the area. Our bumper repair specialist team will have your car bumper looking great again!

Common Bumper Damage We Repair in Bromley


Long unsightly scratches from brushes, branches, keys etc. can be smoothed and blended.


Light surface scuffs from rubbing against parking blocks, curbs and other cars can be easily repaired.


Minor to major dents from collisions cause uneven bumpers that we can pop out and restore.


Cracked or split bumpers from impact damage are structurally repaired and repainted.


Punctures, holes and tears to the bumper fascia are patched and filled for a seamless look.


We re-attach loosely hanging bumpers securely to your vehicle.


Improperly aligned bumpers are straightened for proper function and aesthetics.

Why Choose Us For Bumper Repair in Bromley?

If your bumper has unsightly scratches, cracks, or dents, our auto body shop has the skills to make it look new again. Here’s why we are the best choice for car repair in Bromley:

Advanced Tools

We use the latest tech like spot welders, fillers, primers and paint spraying tools to seamlessly repair your bumper.

Precision Color Matching

We flawlessly match factory paint colors and finishes for invisible bumper repairs.

Specialised Tools

We use specialty tools to remove bumpers without damaging the paint or body around them. This allows for off-vehicle repair.

Structural Repairs

We can repair any internal structural damage to restore strength and function.

Invisible Repairs

Our feathering techniques blend repairs smoothly for bumpers that look factory fresh.


With several years of experience, our technicians can expertly repair any bumper damage.


As a mobile repair service, we’ll come to you to make repairs hassle-free.

Insurance Approved

We work with all major insurance providers for streamlined claims.

Affordable Pricing

Our reasonable rates beat out high dealership prices.

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